Area Conversion Calculator

This area conversion calculator will help you quickly switch between any units of area, from both metric and imperial systems. It can serve as an area converter, letting you switch between acres, hectare, square feet and many others. You can also convert from m2 to ft2. It can also quickly answer how many acres are in a hectare, so you no longer need to argue with your neighbor about who has more land. You can use this tool to switch between dozens of units in a fraction of a second. Other similar calculators that you might find useful include the square footage calculator, the body surface area calculator, the acreage calculator and the surface area calculator.

Acreage Calculator

This acreage calculator helps you measure a piece of land or quickly convert between the imperial and the metric system's units for area. It can be useful when working out the total area or cost of specific materials that have to be used to cover a given plot of land. Simply provide a width and a length and you'll get an area, instantaneously. Optionally, if you provide a price per unit of area (for example how much that land costs per acre) and you'll know what the cost of the whole area is. You can also convert hectares to acres, acres to square meters, acres to square miles or pretty much any other unit of area.

Angle Conversion Calculator

Angle conversion converts between different angle measurement units.

Volume Conversion

The volume conversion tool makes converting between the volume units easy. We automatically display the result in eight most popular units, but if you need more, click on the unit name to browse through 21 variants. Have you ever wondered how many cups in a pint are? Or you need to calculate the tablespoons in a cup or change pints to the quarts? Volume converter can do it for you in real time.

Temperature Conversion

When it comes to temperature conversion (often shortened to temp conversion), it is easy to convert Celsius to Kelvin, however if you want to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, it becomes more tricky... Unless you use our temperature conversion tool! With our tool, you can perform temperature unit conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius - or any other combination of temperature units you choose! There is no need for you to remember any temperature conversion formula, or perform any mathematical operations; just input the temperature in your preferred units and watch the result appear. And, if you want to use this time you have saved, you can read on to find out about temperature scales!

Weight Converter

This weight converter tool is the best tool for converting between different weight units. We not only include a real-time weight conversion tool, but also a weight conversion chart (weight conversion table) that allows you to easily convert between units, e.g., lbs to kg, kg to lbs, oz to stones and so on. We will also explain in this article what is weight, discuss if weight is a force or not and even touch briefly on bodyweight, health issues and how to lose weight (and how to gain weight) for those who are interested.

As with other physical quantities, there are several units systems to measure weight (mass). The most popular and widespread of them is the International System (SI) and its units like kilogram (kg), gram (g), decagram (dag). Another primary system of units is the Imperial System, with units such as the pound (lbs) and the ounce (oz). However, these are not the only units' systems used in the world. In the following text, we explain, in more detail, some of the most common units.

Length Converter

This length converter is a tool that enables quick conversion between length units in both imperial and metric, but not only that. It's equipped with twenty different units of length measurement:

  • ångström (Å)
  • picometers (pm)
  • nanometers (nm)
  • micrometers (μm)
  • millimeters (mm)
  • centimeters (cm)
  • decimeters (dm)
  • meters (m)
  • meters and centimeters
  • kilometers (km)


  • thousandths of an inch (mil / thou)
  • inches (in)
  • feet (ft)
  • feet and inches
  • yards (yd)
  • miles (mi)


  • nautical miles (nmi)
  • Sun radii (R☉)
  • light years (ly)
  • astronomical units (au)
  • parsecs (pc)

This length conversion calculator works by typing units (up to 11 in the same calculation) into the tool. The length converter then returns your results in each unit in real time. Click on the unit name if you want to perform length conversion to a different unit than the default ones chosen by the Omni team. If you are looking to convert between units of area, another tool we would recommend is the square footage calculator.