Volume Conversion

The volume conversion tool makes converting between the volume units easy. We automatically display the result in eight most popular units, but if you need more, click on the unit name to browse through 21 variants. Have you ever wondered how many cups in a pint are? Or you need to calculate the tablespoons in a cup or change pints to the quarts? Volume converter can do it for you in real time.

Volume units

Choose the unit and convert freely between imperial and metric system. Our calculator contains:

  • cubic millimeters (mm³)
  • cubic centimeters (cm³)
  • cubic decimeters (dm³)
  • cubic meters (m³)
  • cubic inches (cu in)
  • cubic feet (cu ft)
  • cubic yards (cu yd)
  • milliliters (ml)
  • liters (l)
  • gallons (US) / gallons (UK) (gal)
  • quarts (US) / quarts (UK) (qt)
  • pints (US) / pints (UK) (pt)
  • fluid ounces (US) / fluid ounces (UK) (fl oz)
  • US customary cups/glasses (236.59ml) (cups)
  • tablespoons (15ml) (tablespoons)
  • teaspoons (5ml) (teaspoons)

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Volume conversion chart

One quick way of changing imperial volume units to most popular metric one - millilitres, is using this conversion chart:

Common volume measures in millilitres

Teaspoon 5 5 5 5 4.93
Tablespoon 20 15 15 15 14.79
Fluid ounce 28.41 28.41 28.41 30 29.57
Cup 250 250 250 240 236.59
Pint 570 568.26 568.26 473.18
Quart 1136.52 1136.52 1136.52 946.35
Gallon 4546.09 4546.09 4546.09 3785.41

There are many other volume conversion charts and tables available on the web, but thanks to that calculator you don't need it anymore.

  • cubic millimeters (mm³) - 1 billionth of a liter
  • cubic centimeters (cm³) - ml, 1 thousandth of a liter
  • cubic decimeters (dm³) - l, 1 thousandth of a cubic meter
  • cubic meters (m³) - basic SI unit
  • cubic inches (cu in)
  • cubic feet (cu ft) - 1728 cubic inches
  • cubic yards (cu yd) - 27 cubic feet
  • milliliters (ml) - cm³, 1 thousandth of a liter
  • liters (l) - dm³, 1 thousandth of a cubic meter

How to find the volume in a different unit?

Let's imagine that you want to bake a cake, but the problem is that the recipe comes from different part of the world. You are used to your standard units, such as cups or pints, but you have no idea how much is 550 ml of milk. What can you do? Put that value in the calculator next to milliliters unit, and immediately you will get the answer in cups (2.32), pints (1.16) or even teaspoons (110) if you wish.

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